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I am a painter and screen printer living and working on the Isle of Lewis. I split my time between being an Art  Teacher and working in my studio. My family moved to the Isle of Lewis in 1981 when I was 3 weeks old. Since that first ferry trip to Lewis my life has centred around being beside on or in the water. 

After graduating from Duncan of Jordanstone Art School in 2003 my work has centred around the sea and coastline of the Hebrides, whether it relates to the diverse, charismatic people I have met through surfing, my childhood memories of being at the beach or purely the colours, textures and light of the coast. In recent years I have developed a style and method of working that I am particularly enjoying exploring - layering materials such as collage, paint and screen printing to create mixed media pieces. Layers are important in my work not just because of the way I use materials but in the way I layer simple and at times times unexpected symbols and imagery together to tell stories of my home and the people and places in it.