Lyndsey grew up in Cumbria. Her father worked as a countryside ranger at the ‘Talkin Tarn Lake’ and her family were passionate about nature. Always in the elements, Lyndsey started windsurfing at the age of seven. The dragonflies which travel across her painting are a symbol of Lyndsey’s love of her origins but also nod to the ‘Talkin Tarn Lake’ dragon fly logo which Lyndsey’s father designed.

After leaving school Lyndsey joined the RAF at Kinloss. She was posted to Bosnia just after the war and then to Iraq and Afghanistan where she helped organise Hercules ‘Fat Albert’ airdrops of food and aid.

Despite the heat, dust and trauma she loved her work in Afghanistan. One day an incongruous pink ‘Zuma J’ surf sticker caught her eye. On the spot she decided she’d go surfing when she got back to the UK. True to her plan she returned to RAF Leuchars and bought a bright pink ‘Zuma J’ Mini Mal surfboard. The bright pink stripes which travel around the edges of her canvas hint at the beginning of a new life.

While at Leuchars, Lyndsey joined the mountain rescue team. Dealing with the fundamentals of life and death in the Cairngorms and on Ben Nevis was tough but the

camaraderie of those she worked with gave her strength. I’ve included a map of Ben Nevis to illustrate how she thrives in extreme situations as well as her love of being around people with a sense of purpose.

In 2009 Lyndsey’s sense of adventure and her passion for surfing led her to Lewis. On her way through Ullapool she decided on the spur of the moment to see what lay over the horizon. Her first encounter of Cliff beach in Uig would profoundly affect her life. The Cliff beach break reflected in the painting, would pull Lyndsey back again and again to the Island until in 2017 she moved to Lewis for good.

Underlying Lyndsey’s portrait is a smiley face. Those who know Lyndsey will understand why it’s apt. It has become her trademark. Lyndsey even has a smiley face tattooed on her foot after a wild night in Las Vegas. The smiley face symbolises her positivity and her desire to strive for a fulfilled life.